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Investor and Entrepreneur Assessment Form

This form is for individuals with management experience, or for business owners, having a high net worth.
Federal and Quebec Investor, and Entrepreneur programs.

Individuals are evaluated based on the value of their legitimately accumulated personal net worth, and management experience during the last five years.

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Personal Net Worth

Your Personal Net Worth is the current value of all the assets (e.g. properties, investments, stocks, bonds, bank accounts) that you (and your spouse/common-law partner, if applicable) personally own, MINUS the current value of all your combined personal liabilities (e.g. mortgages, loans, credit card balance).

Please include the value of any businesses that you own, but do not include the value of cars and jewellery.

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Management Experience

Management Experience is defined as the performance of duties relating to planning, organizing, and directing financial, human, or material resources.

Your Management Experience may have been gained in a private or public business, international agency, government or government department, professional practice, or farming.

During any two of the last five years:
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  Have you owned a business?     
For the business you most recently owned, please provide the following information.
Ownership Percentage: %
Number of Employees:
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Annual Sales:
Annual Net Profit after Tax:
Net Worth of Company:
Did you own and manage any other business(es) during the last five years?     

Questions and Comments

You may list any specific questions or concerns here. If you wish, you can also paste your resume/CV here.

Please use this space to send any specific questions, comments or additional information that may be relevant to your inquiry.

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