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Can a work or student permit or visa help me to immigrate to Canada?

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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Very often, people confuse the temporary status of a temporary residence visa (TRV) with that of a permanent residence (PRV) immigrant visa.  The two are totally independent of each other and involve completely different process.  Temporary residence visas (TRV) are precisely that – they are temporary and allow the visa holder to work or attend school in Canada for a pre-set, limited period of time, at particular places of employment o institutions of learning – generally these permits are place specific and are not “open”.

The only way that previous study or work in Canada may assist in any future applications for PR status, is if the applicant has legally attended a post-secondary institution of learning in Canada, for a minimum of two, full time, years, or if the applicant has legally worked in Canada, on a work permit, for at least one full, full time year.

In fact, if you are seriously consider eventually immigrating to Canada and we have assessed your application and have informed you that you may qualify for PR status in Canada, we suggest that you invest you energy and time in applying for PR status in Canada, since even if you do succeed in achieving a study or work permit in Canada, you will have to resubmit an independent application for PR status in Canada, once the temporary permit expire and you decide to immigrate to Canada.  Having said that, IMMIGRACE will gladly assist you in acquiring applicable temporary status in Canada, should you feel that this is in your best interest.